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  • Multifunction bed 4 motors for facial, body and massage treatments. Height, backrest and knees electrically adjustable.Adjustable armrests with gas pump. Soft, flame retardant and oil resistant PU mattress cover. LED light around the base.

  • Massage bed from the Balinese Collection with natural / clear teak wood frame with 1 joint, manually adjustable height, light skay.

  • Multifunction bed with 4 motors for facial, body and massage treatmentsMetal structure covered in woodAdjustable armrests with gas pump. Height, backrest and legrest adjustable electricallySkay upholstery, soft touch, fireproof, oil resistant.Light oak or white wood structure.

  • Rectangular multifunction professional treatment bed. Back and height adjustable electrically. Dimensions H 56/76 x 76 x 188 cm.

  • Professional multifunctional stretcher, rectangular shape, with facial hole and storage shelf.Advantages for the operator: better ergonomics and greater comfort thanks to the adjustable height of the professional stretcher, products at hand thanks to the wooden support base.Customer benefits: maximum comfort thanks to the adjustable position of the face...

  • Multifunctional bed with 3 motors: for face, body, massage treatments, manicures, pedicures, reflexology, washing and hair treatment. Electric height adjustment, from a minimum of 62 cm to a maximum of 82 cm.Electric backrest adjustment, from 0 to 40 °.Electric adjustment of the legrest.Pedicure treatment bowl, hidden integrated whirlpool and color...

  • Multifunctional stretcher with 3 motors for face treatments / massage / waxing / pedicure / manicure, electrically adjustable backrest, legs and height, metal frame, skay-coated mattress, external headrest included and possibility to remove the terminal part of the mattress to access to the bathtub for pedicures and hydromassage.

Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items
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