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  • Reception Furniture / Box ECO GREEN Maletti Reception.Internal structure covered with waterproof melamine finish, front in curved varnished wood lacquered in white or black.Backlit opal plexiglass front panel.Screen-printed glass worktop. Interior lighting with LED system. Measurements: 106 cm 67 cm 176 cmManufacturer Code: 57921

  • NIAGARA Maletti WaterfallWaterfallStainless steel structure with laminated glass and submerged water pump in the containerMeasurements: 220 cm 28 cm 180 cmManufacturer Code: 5102 Niagara 180

  • Maletti Waterfall SPRINGContainer light and water gamesContainer structure in transparent plexiglass with white laminate base and backlit surface.Measurements: 174 cm 40 cm 130 cmManufacturer Code: 5129

  • Reception / BoxInternal structure covered with waterproof melamine finish, front in white fiberglass with a glossy finish.Countertop with perimeter lighting.Two lockable drawers, keyboard drawer and open PC compartment.Stockings: 105 cm 140 cm 75 cmManufacturer Code: 51411 MA

  • ReceptionStructure covered with a waterproof black / white melamine finish, front in sheet metal with powder coating.Countertop in DM covered with polymeric sheetMeasurements: 105 cm 112 cm 52 cmManufacturer Code: 5810MA

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items
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